Claim Your FREE Bonus Every Day By Joining BitPlay’s Weekly Bonus Challenge

BitPlay is now offering a weekly bonus challenge where you can get a bonus every day of the week. Here’s how it works:

All you have to do to join the weekly bonus challenge is to deposit from Monday to Sunday. That’s it! Each day has its specific bonus percentage, but it increases each day!

For example, a deposit on Monday gets you a 5% bonus, Tuesday gets you a 10% bonus, Wednesday a 15% bonus, etc. This goes on until Sunday, and it starts the following week again.

There will be a bonus interest adjustment in advance depending on the days of the week.

Please note that you can use user role and daily bonuses with weekly bonuses, except coupon codes . If you apply a coupon code and get a weekly bonus, BitPlay will choose the one with the higher interest and apply it.

For example, if you apply a 20% coupon code and get a weekly bonus of 10%, we’ll only apply the 20% coupon code.

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