Are you ready to explore and play the best sweepstakes games which come with satisfying rewards? V-Power blows your wildest imagination away! This is the platform where you can level up your gameplay with special bonuses that boost your winning chances.

Even though you can hugely enjoy the games by yourself, you get to have an incredible one-time experience when you play with your friends. Either way, you get to have the best time of your life!

V-Power worked with the best sweepstakes designers to develop amazing games. They’ve been in the casino industry for many years, and that’s why you get nothing but the best.

The platform is 100% secured, and that means you minimize distractions and secure deposits and withdrawals. You can transfer your winnings to your wallet instantly and get back to your games.

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VPower Changed its Name to VBlink

We have an announcement to make about VPower! From now on, the platform’s name will be changed to VBlink. All the other aspects such as the quality of the games, number of exceptional bonuses and seamless navigation will stay the same. It is a minor change that would not affect our beloved casino players. We hope that you will have a great time on VBlink and win even more real cash rewards along the way.

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Play The Latest Sweepstakes Games

V-Power brings you the best game collections in the industry. Every game on the platform was designed with great attention to detail and incredible bonuses.

As you probably know, depositing, wagering, and various bonuses depend on the software quality. V-Power believes that every player should have the highest quality games, and they’re committed to that.

The games are well designed to keep you entertained while you win some cash.

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Customer Support

One of the biggest problems players face is to go through an issue and not have a professional to help them. V-Power gives you the best customer support when you have any problems.

They are swift to see to your issues and help you out so that you can go back to enjoying your favorite games.

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Daily Bonuses

V-Power offers daily bonuses to its players to keep their excitement on a high level every time! You get a 25% daily bonus so all you have to do is keep playing and you get your daily dose of bonuses on the bonus day.

Get a 50% Bonus On Your First Deposit.

At V-Power, we are always offering you nothing but the best. So first, we give you the best sweepstakes game in the industry, giving you the most incredible gaming experience ever! But besides that, we make every deposit you make count by giving you a special bonus.

We appreciate your first deposit, and that is something to celebrate! And that’s why when you make your initial deposit, we give you a 50% bonus on whatever amount you deposited. Nope, we’re not joking!

Eligibility Requirements

There are no eligibility requirements. All you have to do is sign up, make a deposit, get your outstanding bonus, and start playing your favorite games.

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Get a 20% Bonus On Your 2nd & 3rd Deposit.

V-Power has put a lot of resources into creating an excellent platform. And we want you to enjoy every bit of the game for long hours. That’s why we offer you second and third deposits. Here’s how it works.

Your second and third deposits show your commitment and love for the game. You need to be rewarded for that. So we give you an incredible 20% bonus on any amount you deposit for the second and third time. So keep on playing and open more bonuses!

Eligibility Requirements

There are no requirements for this bonus. You automatically get a 20% bonus on your second and third deposits, no matter the type of player you are.

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Get a 50% Bonus On Your Birthday

V-Power was developed with you in mind. So it was only logical that we offer you a birthday bonus. Your birthday is a special day to remember and enjoy. And that’s why we give you a 50% bonus on all deposits when you celebrate your birthday!

So take that opportunity to win more cash. You deserve it!

Eligibility Requirements

Birthday bonuses come with no requirements. All you have to do is sign up with BitPlay, choose your platform, and play your favorite games. And when it’s your birthday, you get your 50% bonus on all your deposits.

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Sign Up & Get a $20 Bonus For All New Users

V-Power is dedicated to giving its players exciting moments playing the best slots with their friends and colleagues. You get nothing but unique experiences, and it all begins by signing up.

You get a $20 bonus just by signing up with us if you're a new user! You don’t need to fulfill any requirements. All you have to do is register and start playing your favorite games with your bonus.

Eligibility Requirements

As stated earlier, you don’t need to adhere to any requirements. All you have to do is register with BitPlay, and you get a $20 bonus for free. That will give you a boost to increase your chances of winning.

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Safe & Secure Platform

Your safety is one of our utmost concerns, and we take it highly seriously. V-Power gives you the safest, fair, and secure gaming environment. The sweepstakes games offered by the platform are licensed and regulated by certified gambling jurisdictions.

So you have nothing to worry about. You can deposit money that is permanently secured when you use the platform. Transactions are smooth, easy, and straightforward.

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