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User Role Bonuses

Aside from sign-up bonuses, first deposit bonuses, etc., we also give you several bonuses as you continue playing our games. Depending on your user role, you will receive bonuses and opportunities. The user roles are grouped into five categories:


Users with regular roles do not receive any special bonuses. Deposit and different bonuses for the roles start from the Silver role.


To qualify to be a silver user, you need to total worth of the deposits should be over $1,000. When you are a silver user, you get a role bonus of 5% on all your deposits. This bonus can significantly increase your chances of winning.


For being a gold user the total worth of deposits should be more than $2,500. That will make you eligible for a 10% bonus on all your deposits.


With the Platinum role bonus, you get a whopping 15% bonus on all your deposits. But to qualify for this bonus, you need to make total deposit of $5,000+.


You can get an outstanding 20% bonus on all your deposits with the VIP role bonuses. However, you need to make equivalent of over $10,000 total deposits in order to be a VIP user..