Quests Achievements

Take on your opponents on this Quest Achievements challenge and earn free play!

BitPlay has a new feature for our enthusiastic players!

The feature is called Quest Achievement. Through this offer, you will be able to complete different quests at the platform and earn points.

As you complete one Quest, the claim button will be activated which will show the points that you generated from certain Quest.

If you reach the threshold for redeeming rewards, Redeem button will appear! Then, you need to click on that button and pick a platform from which you want to get free plays!

For instance, if you earned 200 points through a certain Quest, you can exchange it with the $2 free play at any platform you want.

You will be able to complete different levels of the Quest Achievement and collect prizes along the way. For instance, if you have completed the first three milestones in the Quest, you can choose which reward you would like to redeem first. Moreover, you will have 24 hours to cash out your free play credits for the remaining ones.

Our customer service team will regularly add free plays to your chosen account so that you can use them and play the best casino games for free!

You can compete in these daily quests on a regular basis. So, go ahead and do it right now to redeem your well-deserved free play!

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