Thanos Avengers

Are you a Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) superfan? Then Thanos Avengers is for you! Furthermore, you'll be wowed by the presentation of this game and its fascinating concept.

Thanos Avengers has awe-inspiring audio and visual quality. The animations are well-designed, and there's no way you'll grow tired of shooting fish, dragons, crabs, octopuses, and other sea creatures.

Your task is straightforward: there are several different varieties of fish, each with its own set of points. Naturally, the amount and value of fish you catch during the game will boost your score. However, keep in mind that if you catch Thanos, two Thanos attacks will assist you in catching the most fish possible.

When you collect six gems, the gloves explode in a massive explosion, allowing you to win even more prizes and have a great time!