Fireball Keno

Regular keno is fine, but why not add a twist now and then to keep things interesting? Try some of the available alternatives, like Fireball Keno! - if you want to take your keno game to the next level.

You know it's a keno game that's engaging, intriguing, and thrilling. It's a game that provides a quick hit of action for a low fee. Fireball Keno adds a layer of complexity to the popular game.

The fireball, from which the game gets its name, distinguishes Fireball Keno from other keno games. As a result, you must keep an eye on it. One of the 30 numbers picked will be designated as the fireball every round.

If the fireball appears in your winning pattern, the payment value will be increased by a predetermined amount, depending on the pattern. One of the best games to play right now is Fireball Keno!