Easter Day


Are You Ready to Climb the Easter Bonus Ladder and Win Fantastic Prizes at BitPlay?

Hop into the Easter Spirit with BitPlay’s Bonus Ladder promotion! From April 9th to 17th, you have the chance to move up the ladder with every qualifying deposit and win big with free plays and bonus percentages.

As you reach each milestone on the ladder, your Easter bunny avatar will move up a step, indicating your progress toward the top. But the Easter Bunny is a tricky creature, and there’s a catch. Your deposits should exceed the numbers on the ladder to qualify for each bonus.

And with each bonus, you’ll receive a coupon code that expires in one day. So make sure to use it within 24 hours to claim your prize. However, you can redeem the free plays whenever you want during the campaign dates.

Here’s how the Easter Bonus Ladder works:

Step 1:Deposit $30


Prize:20% bonus

Step 2:Deposit $50


Prize:30% bonus

Step 3:Deposit $70


Prize:$10 free play

Step 4:Deposit $100


Prize:$20 free play

Step 5:Deposit $130


Prize:40% Bonus

Step 6:Deposit $150


Prize:$30 free play

Step 7:Deposit $200


Prize:$40 free play

Step 8:Deposit $250


Prize:50% Bonus

Step 9:Deposit $300


Prize:$50 free play

Step 10:Deposit $500


Prize:$150 free play

So what are you waiting for? Hop on to BitPlay’s Easter Bonus Ladder and see how high you can climb! So sign up now, earn free plays, and win MORE CASH!