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BitPlay - The Best Online Sweepstakes Platform In Los Angeles

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BitPlay offers you the best slot games that are guaranteed to give you a memorable experience. We give you the latest and great online slots right to your doorstep with zero financial risks and privacy.

If you’re looking for something more than an online sweepstakes platform, BitPlay is the right place. Every moment you spend on our platform with your friends and families creates a unique and exciting atmosphere, which can increase your chances of winning.

We’ve made the platform to make it easy and stress-free for you. Among our secure payment platforms, we offer crypto solutions as well.

BitPlay is made up of ten quality gaming platforms all in one place! You get to play quality slot games from various platforms like Fire Kirin, Blue Dragon, Flamingo7, etc. You also get to play over 300 unique games, and we constantly keep updating our games. So you always have something new to play every day.

Aside from all these, we're available 24/7

You can contact us anytime. We are here to serve you! All you need to do right now is take a couple of minutes to register, deposit cash or Bitcoin, and start playing your favorite slots!

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Role Bonuses
For You

You get exceptional bonuses depending on how much you deposit. Check the user roles below to know and possible upgrade to get the best offer!


Deposits less than 100 times or total deposits worth less than $1000.
Role bonus: 0 bonus


100+ deposits or $1000+ total deposit
Role bonus: 5%


250+ deposits or $2500+ total deposit
Role bonus: 10%


500+ deposits or $5000+ total deposit
Role bonus: 15%


1000+ deposits or $10000+ total deposit
Role bonus: 20%